Issues We face

No Future Vision

Current board is missing a vision for next 15 to 20 years. Kid who is in elementary school now will get first job after 20 years in school. Without a future vision, the Board is lacking action today. Let’s work together and prepare our kids for tomorrow!

A.P. Classes

High School does not offer AP classes kids need for college admissions and success in science, technology, math & engineering.

Bus Transportation

Over-crowded buses, poor management and driver hiring practices, bus driver strikes.

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Dear Dupont Parents, I would like to call my support for “Yes for Dupont EMS”. I been long term resident of Dupont and we love our town. We been awarded “the safest city” (top 5 & 10) in Washington state in last few years. However We always had challenges with our fire and medical emergency services. We have grown to a better situation but not sufficient if this vote fails. Since ALS failed, we should say YES for EMS. Thank You


Parents - Here is the information on WA state top employers & WA state top wages jobs. Top Employers: Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, JBLM, Providence & UW Top Wages: Doctors, Nurses, Health Specialist, Pilots, Financial Managers & Engineers ($120,000/Year and above) Majority of this jobs are related to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Do we think our High School kids are ready to take upcoming wave of 9 million jobs in next 5 years related to STEM? I wold like to see we offer A.P. Technology & A.P. Biology classes. I would like to see if we can offer Robotics in Middle school during or after school program.

League of Women Voters

Last night, It was a great pleasure to attend candidate forum arranged by League of women voters - Pierce County. Thank you LWV for hosting it. I touched few points on 2016-17 SBA results and how we can help kids to improve. Please check out below pictures to see last three years comparisons. There is always a room for improvement, isn’t it?


School District Budget Advisory committee, Chula Vista Elementary School District, California.

School site council Board working with principals and staff on Students focused budget spending.

Served as Treasurer for largest HOA, managing multimillion$$$ contracts.


15 Years of management experience with Pharmaceuticals Companies.

Real-estate Investor, multiunit locations national food franchise business.


Bachelor of Science in Math, Physics & Chemistry. Completing MBA.

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Certificate of Honor - JBLM chapel for spiritual help to active military soldiers.

Kent police Department’s Diversity Task Force.

Build homes with Habitat for Humanity.

Fundraisers with National Alliance Mental Illness(NAMI).

IRS Volunteer to help filling free tax returns. President for three major organizations.

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Jugal Thakor and his family have lived in DuPont for nine years. Thakor family’s 3 children attend each Steilacoom School.

Education is Mr.Thakor’s passion and priority. His extensive experience at one of the largest school districts makes

him a perfect candidate to balance budgets without compromising quality of education.

Mr.Thakor has been invited as honorable guest speaker on education, motivation and leadership to many colleges,

high schools and churches makes him perfect fit for School Board.

Mr. Thakor will work hard to motivate, encourage students, teachers and staff to address and improve key

issues our district is facing including High school Graduation rate, Bus Transportation,

less exposer to A.P.Classes and external competitions participation.

We must expand our students’ technology exposer and increase A.P. class offerings, which prepare them

to take Technology & Healthcare jobs our Evergreen State has to offer. He strongly believes that our

children deserve a world-class education, which prepares them to become next CEO of the global economy.

He believes that teachers should be treated with respect and adequately compensated.

Let’s work together and vote to make Historical School District No.1 as Washington’s No.1 School District.

Better Education today, Better future tomorrow – Vote for Jugal Thakor

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My Promise

Bring new perspectives: I will bring fresh thoughts and ideas to shake up the status quo.

Attend all meetings: We are a decision-making body and can not repeatedly miss meetings like my opponent has done. He missed 24 meetings out of 48. I will attend all meetings.

Work with everyone and create Student -focused Board: I feel some board members are not students-focused, rather are behaving as individuals. I will work with the Superintendent, Teachers, Principals, and other Board members to create a Student-focus Action Plan.

Future long-term vision: I will help pave a path for our students to be successful for years to come.

Participate in outside competitions: I will encourage our teachers and parents to think beyond the District box and aim for state/national achievement in challenging competitions like spelling bees, science balls, and robotics fairs.

Promote diversity and stop bullying: I will help promote diversity and stop bullying in schools by encouraging kids to think beyond race, gender, nationality, color or origin.

Improve quality of classrooms: I will work diligently and creatively to make sure our kids have the classroom conditions they need, including updated technology.

Best use of all resources from state:  We are not pursuing all the help we could get from Washington State government, and I will devote my time and energy to securing these resources for Steilacoom Historic School District.

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1. Penelope Lacy – DuPont Realty & Property Management

2. DuPont Police Association

3. SoundView Uniserv Council (Teachers Association)

4. DuPont Pharmacy - Jim Perrou

5. Curtis Brake – DuPont

6. Dawn Smith – Home Team DuPont / Steilacoom School district former Board member

7. Shawna Gasak - Dupont City Council member

8. Christine Kilduff – Washington State Representative (pierce County – 28th LD)

9. Kristine Fallstone – A Gold Star Mother, DuPont

10. Ray & Debbie Conn - DuPont

11. JBLM – DRGL Kul Garg (Retired Major - USAF)

12. Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius & Sharon Winesberry, Jr - Steilacoom

13. Jonathan T Harris – Steilacoom School District former Board member

14. Yoshie Wong – Steilacoom School District former Board member

15. Mary Verner – Former Mayor of Spokane

16. James C Baglio - Sergeant First Class (Retired)

17. Ming & Jan Bacon - Dupont

18. Linda Isenson - Steilacoom